Thai Massage

traditionally practiced as part of Thailand’s holistic healing system for over two thousand years, Thai massage works from a belief that most forms of illness or ailment stem from imbalance.  Thai massage combines assisted stretches and meridian work to ground and balance the whole body.  no oils are used, and sessions are done fully clothed.

complementing the traditional energy line work that this practice is based around, assisted stretches and working in different body positions can serve as deep and effective therapy for specific complaints.  at the same time, one of my favorite aspects of this work is its meditative quality – i find it to be grounding and rejuvenating, which may be all the body really needed anyway.

in my practice, i incorporate some elements of myofascial release and craniosacral therapy into Thai sessions.  i find a multi-faceted approach can more effectively support you in unwinding tension, releasing stress, and overall grounding and balance.