what is series work?

i use series work to add structure and intention to a set amount of bodywork sessions. whether your goal is to find more consistent grounding and relaxation in your life, to once-and-for-all tackle a persistent postural or chronic pain issue, or to reset your overall structural alignment, i find it works much better to have a game plan for the project.

each series is tailored to best support your process. depending on your needs and goals, we will create a plan that incorporates different massage techniques paired with take-home practices to support and deepen the bodywork.

two basic frameworks:
symptom-specific, goal-oriented

intention: to trace chronic pain or trouble spots back to their origin, and work with the whole iceberg to shift the issue from its core.

content: five to eight sessions – collaboratively outlined initially (and revised as needed) to create the structure that will best serve your needs

this is best for: people with one or two chronic or persistent “problem spots” that have not been completely resolvable with other approaches

asymptomatic whole-body reset

intention: to work through the entire body piece by piece to allow the entire structure to find an easier balance

content: ten to twelve sessions – following a general template, with space for customization

this is best for: people with several minor (but persistent) complaints, or as part of recovery from a structural shift (pregnancy, injuries that compromised mobility)

notes on participation:

diving into a series of structural bodywork can be seen as de-programming all the tensions and adhesions involved in how we hold our body or self.  often, these deep patterns of ways we inhabit the body go along with (or stem from) mental or emotional habits or reactions.  whether related to trauma, repetitive movement, or limiting belief systems, these habit patterns may be outdated and irrelevant, and still deeply ingrained in our being.  through the process of unlocking habitually stuck areas of the body, many of these other types of “stuck-ness” also show up.  by being present and intentional in the process, and open to working with whatever comes up, full participation in this series can facilitate a deep re-alignment on many levels.

like any good tool, this work (and my skills and perspective as a therapist) can do amazing things when used with awareness and intentionality.  the more you commit to the process, and open to transformation, the deeper and more full this experience can be.  also, bringing clear intentions to the series can help us work together to tailor the series to meet your specific needs.  throughout the series, active participation can help you deepen your awareness of your body’s habits and patterns, and also integrate any necessary or useful changes more effectively.

what conditions can benefit from this approach?

chronic pain – as it is often tied with structural imbalances that reach beyond the primary point of discomfort, series work can be immensely helpful. by spreading deep work over a number of sessions, combined with stretches and strengthening exercises, the body can find a healthier alignment and reduce unnecessary strain.

injury or trauma – in the healing process, the body often protectively splints around an injured area, and/or assumes different movement patterns to avoid straining the area. these protective measures, if unaddressed, tend to solidify into an altered pattern of alignment or movement. working through all the affected areas soon after an injury can help the body heal more effectively; addressing the compensation patterns from an old injury allows the body to find balance and complete its healing process.

overall reset – most people, over time, have accumulated a number of mild (or more than mild) postural or movement habits that pull the body somewhat off center. as the body functions as one unit, these tend to recruit involvement from elsewhere, often becoming a head-to-toe system of counterbalances. a thorough systematic approach, releasing tension and adhesions and building strength and awareness, can allow the body to find a more functional alignment as a whole.

what can i expect in a session?

i schedule 90 minutes for each session.  this includes time at the beginning to check in about how things have shifted since the last session, go over the goals for that session, as well as time at the end to integrate the work and go over take-home practices to support the hands-on time.

hands-on time will vary somewhat depending on your goals for the series.  in general, the series work i do relies heavily on myofascial release to support shifts in structural alignment, with some movement and stretching to add mobility and ingrain shifts in neural pathways.  some sessions may involve more Thai massage or craniosacral work also.